Galactic Intervention with Earth and One Man
Harry L. Jensen

Welcome to One Man's Journey

A new twist for one man and his uncertain path into a future of new scientific discoveries. Need to download Adobe Digital Reader to read this encrypted novel. Click on link below.

Book Synopsis:

Secret Fortress research facility funded by a lottery ticket leads the world into new galactic discoveries. Politics, scientific research, military operations and extraterrestrial contact with one man.


The Book Commentary 4 Star Book Review

Apart from the dazzling prose and the exceptionally written characters, the world-building is impeccable, a seamless and intricate weaving of detailed threads to create a wonderful tapestry. It is a page-turner, and one that rouses dormant thoughts! 4 Star Book Review

All in all, I couldn't find anything to dislike about this book. I believe it was professionally edited since errors were hard to come by, and I found only a few minor ones. I am, therefore, glad to award World Order: One Man's Journey by Harry L. Jensen 4 out of 4 stars.
I had no reason to rate it any lower.