All That You Need to Know About Harry Jensen

After 44 years as a Mortgage Broker and known for his mortgage industry expertise, Harry Jensen retired and decided to write a novel. As an author, he has developed his life experiences and his expansive imagination into a well-crafted story for readers to enjoy. He is an Air Force veteran and spent a year on Shemya Island in the Aleutian Island chain.

He believes Extraterrestrials exist and uses this as a plot line for World Order, One man’s Journey.

About “One Man’s Journey”

When it comes to “One Man’s Journey,” Harry is very passionate, as it is his first book. He is particularly proud of how he details the unique dreams and journeys that his characters embark on. If you believe in the existence of Extraterrestrials (E.T.), you will surely enjoy this gripping political fiction.

Currently, “One Man’s Journey” can only be bought digitally, but there are plans to print physical copies in the future. The e-book comes with specialized encryption software that ensures its protection from being copied or distributed without prior permission. Purchase your own copy today!